Play at the Best Free Casinos with No Deposit

Playing at online gambling sites is easier than ever in 2020. With tons of casinos launching regularly and the laws surrounding internet gambling finally catching up to the 21st century, the only difficult thing is knowing where to spend your hard-earned cash. Well, hold your wallet for a second and let us show you the best free casinos to play at. Then, once you've gotten acquainted (with no deposit of your own), you will be in a position to make an informed decision about where to spend your money.

Demo Play vs. Playing with a No Deposit Bonus

Demo play is fine and well if you don't want to play for real money or if you aren't willing to register for an online account. You can play for free to get a feel for the games, but the game selection is limited, and some features may be disabled. Also, there is no chance to win any real money. Playing at a free casino with a no deposit bonus, on the other hand, can be much more rewarding. Now, you will have to sign up to create a new player profile, but your details will the only things you'll be asked to hand over. While the promotions will vary, what doesn't change with a no deposit bonus is the fact that you will be playing for a chance at real cash.

The Most Common Free Casino Promos

  • Bonus Cash - Bonus cash can be thought of as house credit. While you won't be able to cash it out and use it to buy lunch, you can treat it like real cash within the free casino website. Use this to play your favorite slots or try your hand at roulette.
  • Free Spins - Many of the best free casinos offer free spins as a welcome bonus. You might be gifted 20 spins that you can use all on one slot machine, or you can spread them out and try out different slots, it's usually up to you.
  • Free Play - When the offer is for free play, you can redeem your bonus code for things like one complimentary hand of poker or an hour at the slots.

How to Activate Bonus Codes

When you find a signup bonus code that you'd like to use, the next step will be heading over to the casino's website. There will usually be a link by the offer that will take you straight to the site. If it's a new player offer, you will be required to put in some of your info to open up a profile on the free casino. Then, enter the specific alpha-numeric code for the particular offer you want to take advantage of, and you'll be good to go. Make sure you check the dates for the code as not all offers will last forever.

Meeting Wagering Requirements

Before you redeem your no deposit bonus code, be sure to check over the wagering requirements thoroughly. First, there will usually be a certain amount of time in which you must use your bonus and fulfill the requirements. If you don't meet the requirements in time, you risk forfeiting the bonus and any winnings. Next, you won't simply be able to cash out your bonus once you've activated it. Most bonuses will have to be wagered a certain number of times before you can make a withdrawal. The casino will express this as a 20x wagering requirement, for example. Let's say the no deposit bonus at a free casino is $20 bonus cash. If there is 20x wagering, then you will need to wager $400 before being eligible to take any cash out (20x $20 = $400). Different games will count differently towards meeting the requirements. For example, the dollar amount you wager at slots will usually count 100% towards the requirements, while games like blackjack might only fulfill ten cents on the dollar.

Other Important Terms and Conditions

There are other stipulations to be aware of when playing at the best free casinos. When you want to take advantage of a bonus, make sure you are eligible to redeem it first. If you already have a profile on a website, you can't make a new profile to use a new player bonus. Not only is it unethical, but it's also foolish, as your accounts may be shut down and any winnings confiscated. Also, be aware of the location restrictions. Check your local rules to see if you can play at onshore or offshore casinos, and then be aware that the site you play at has to comply with its local laws, which may or may not allow players from your locale. Many sites will have minimums when it comes to wagering. If a site has a $10 minimum wager in place, you will have to wager half of your $20 bonus, for example. For this reason, lower minimums are usually better for the player. On many free casino sites, the bonus cash will be non-cashable. While you will be able to withdraw your winnings over and above the promo, that initial house credit will stay with the house.

Playing at the best free casinos online can be very rewarding. Take your time to explore all the options and make sure you read the fine print. Then, enjoy trying out new casinos on free credit with no deposit deals to find one that you like - all with the chance to win free cash.